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Introduction to Stocks

Learn how the stock markets work. Through these five videos, simple questions such as what a stock actually is, to causes prices to rise and fall are answered.

New? Start Here

So you want to begin trading/investing safely and profitably? This course will answer all your beginner questions about the market. Is the market just a giant casino? Can we make a regular profit? Take the course to find out.

Be Your Own Financial Planner

This course is designed to make you a financial planner. You will learn to plan your life goals and find actionable strategies to achieve them. Here is how we will do it.

Introduction to Technical Analysis

Learn how to successfully invest using Technical Analysis. Start by understanding what technical analysis is, how candlesticks are constructed and building your first trading system.

Indicators: An Introduction

This introductory course in Indicators will explore the most frequently used indicators in the world of technical analysis. The RSI, MACD, the Bollinger Band and many more.

Moving Averages

We will discuss some of the most successful and result oriented indicators used by many renowned traders and investors worldwide, the simple moving average.

Continuation Patterns

In this course we will explore continuation patterns and how to trade them. Symmetrical triangles and flag patterns work best, learn how to identify and profit from these setups.

Reversal Patterns

After continuation patterns this course explores reversal patterns. We explore the two most popular patterns and also see how they can be traded. The double bottom and Head and shoulder patterns.

Intraday Gap Setup

Learn three intraday gap trading techniques with this course. we use the hourly charts to trade gaps on nifty and large cap stocks.

The 15 Minute Options Trader

We have learnt the method, now time to track the trades. Here we will post latest trades of the 15 minute option trader method. It is updated weekly, you are free to contribute. This is work in progress and the full backtest will be uploaded by Sunday 18th October 2015



Technical Analysis Workshop
Sunday, 23rd Oct, 11 AM

@ Upstox, 30th floor, Sunshine Towers,
Senapati Bapat, Marg,Dadar West, Mumbai


Technical Analysis Workshop
Date & Venue to be announced.

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Technical Analysis Workshop
Date & Venue to be announced.

Book your seat now.


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Pulpit Rock

Vivek Gadodia

I am into systems trading and this workshop really helped in understanding a new technique.

Moustiers Sainte Marie

Praveen Maske

Wonderful session! I thank TradeAcademy and Upstox for sharing this knowledge with me.

Cinque Terre


Prateek was absolutely fantastic in conducting this session, and overall the workshop was really good.

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Upstox, 30th floor, Sunshine Towers, Senapati Bapat, Marg,Dadar West, Mumbai